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Forgive the informal nature of this report if you will. We are dealing with a great deal of trouble here, and it is likely that trouble is yet far from over.

The latest reports out of Ferelden are madness. Warden-Commander Tabris has the Champion Lysandra Hawke and the apostate Anders, fugitives from the law in every nation under Andraste, under her protection. She has been outed as having abused the Rite of Conscription to assist apostates and criminals fleeing from justice. And most recently, Fereldan Grey Warden forces have been used to bolster a riot inside of Gwaren’s elven alienage, on her order.

She has clashed with higher-ups and fellow Wardens since her first day as Warden-Commander, refusing to allow Warden Loghain to be reassigned and involving herself freely in Fereldan politics. She defies every order she is sent.

With every day she holds the title, she grows more unreasonable; at this point, the Fereldan Grey Wardens are all but rogue. The only advice I can offer concerning Siobhan Tabris is to cut her loose and identify her as the embarrassment she is. Formally declare the Fereldan Grey Wardens a rogue division, independent from and denounced by the Grey Wardens.

Do something about her. Something permanent. I would say send a Crow, but I’ve already tried that; it appears the little knife-ear has friends in all sorts of places.

Warden-Lieutenant Stroud
Monstimmard, 9:40 Dragon

This correspondence was later intercepted by the Antivan Crows.

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